Article – Who is afraid of couple’s therapy? Imago relationship therapy

Who is afraid of couple’s therapy? Imago relationship therapy

Imago relationship therapy is found to be one of the most effective ways to work with couples; It’s called the love therapy in some places.
Imago therapy observes the way we grow up and the image we create to ourselves about relationships. We are all wounded in our early relationships, although the healing can only happen in a relationship.
Using the tools of dialogue between partners, the therapist functions as coach that maintains a space for the clients while helping them heal and progress to a higher level in their relationship.
This is an opportunity to grow as individuals and reach a time where you can have an aware, mature, and loving relationship.
Our children grow up in the space between us and thus, we don’t want them to grow in a polluted one.
Imago relationship therapy helps solve concrete problems, clear the ‘space between’, and become the couple you want your children to see as a relationship model.
Through a process of encounters, couples can learn why they chose their partners and what great possibilities for growth are available in their relationship.
Let your partner become your therapist, acquire tools, and leave the power struggle and the reactivity behind. Shift the energy and open up to new possibilities of intimacy and emphatic attunement toward one another.

The tender words that you will hear are:
– “Is that a good time to talk?”
– “One thing I appreciate you for today is…”
-“Tell me more”
-“Thank you for coming along for this journey for me…”

You can start a new phase in your relationship by appreciating one another daily – Energy will start to change.

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