Quiz – Are Drugs a Problem for Me?

Are drugs becoming a problem for me?

Check True or False to each of the following questions:

True False
Do you feel guilty about your drug use?
Have you lost friendships because of your use of drugs?
Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms that draw you closer to taking more of the drug?
Do you feel you can not stop using drugs?
Have you neglected school, work or family events because of your dependence on your drug?
Have you gotten into trouble because of drugs?
Do you feel you lost control over yourself?
Has your appearance deteriorated?
Do you ever feel anxious, overly worried or afraid?
Do you ever feel “spaced out”?
Do you take drugs to ease emotional pain?
Do you ever spend money on drugs than you can not afford?
Do you lie to people close to you about your drug use?

drug_testPlease count the number of “Trues” in your responses.

0 – 3:
You may be experiencing some mild features. They may be linked to a situation or adjustment. If symptoms persist or become more intense you may want to seek professional attention.

4 – 7:
You are most likely experiencing moderate difficulties with drugs. Professional assessment and therapeutic interventions should be explored.

8 – 10:
You are probably experiencing significant difficulties. Professional assessment and therapeutic intervention is advised. Medication evaluation may be of some benefit.

This is a symptom checklist. This is not a standardized psychological assessment.

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