Quiz – Am I Engaging in Overdoing Behaviors?

Am I engaging in overdoing behaviors?

Check True or False to each of the following questions:

True False
Do you have persistent thoughts causing you distress?
Do you have an excessive fear about dirt, bacteria and germs?
Do you have to continuously align objects?
Do you have unwanted sexual thoughts?
Do you repeat routines that you do not have a reason for doing?
Do you fear losing control of your behaviors?
Are you preoccupied with counting or measuring your food?
Do you excessively wash your hands, take showers, or brush your teeth?
Do you repeatedly check and recheck for mistakes?
Do excessively make lists of things to do?
Do you constantly check and recheck appliances in the house?
Do you hoard food or clothing?
Do you feel no matter how hard you try, you can not ignore repeating thoughts?
Do your repetitive behaviors affect your social life?

Please count the number of “Trues” in your responses.

overdoing-behaviors0 – 3: You may be experiencing some mild features. They may be linked to a situation or adjustment. If symptoms persist or become more intense you may want to seek professional attention

4 – 7: You are most likely experiencing moderate difficulties. Professional assessment and therapeutic interventions should be explored

8 – 10: You are probably experiencing significant difficulties. Professional assessment and therapeutic intervention is advised. Medication evaluation may be of some benefit.

This is a symptom checklist. This is not a standardized psychological assessment.

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