Parenting Resource Books

Parenting Resource Books

A Referee for Mom and Dad by Rachel Emma Silverman (2007)

Bitter or Better: Your Choices After Divorce by Deborah Kidd Leporowski (2002


Caught in the Middle: Protecting the Children of High-Conflict Divorce by Carla B. Garrity and Mitchell A. Baris (1994)

Children and Divorce: What to Expect – How to Help by Archibald D. Hart (1982)

Children, Courts, and Custody: Interdisciplinary Models for Divorcing Families by Andrew I. Schepard (2004)

Dinosaurs Divorce by Marc Brown and Laurie Krasny Brown (1988)

Divorce: A Problem to Be Solved, Not A Battle to Be Fought by Karen Fagerstrom, et al. (1997)

Divorce Casualties: Protecting Your Children From Parental Alienation by Douglas Darnall (1998)

Divorced Dad’s Handbook: 100 Questions and Answers by Robert Bernstein and Richard Worth (1995)

Divorce Happens to the Nicest Kids: A Self Help Book for Kids by Michael Prokop (1996)

Divorce Wars: Interventions with Families in Conflict by Elizabeth M. Ellis (2000)

El Divorcio Explicado A Los Ninos/ The Divorce Helpbook for Kids by Cynthia MacGregor (2004)

Good Parenting Through Your Divorce by Mary Ellen Hannibal (2002)

Growing Up with Divorce: Helping Your Child Avoid Immediate and Later Emotional Problems by Neil Kalter (1990)

Helping Children Cope with Divorce by Edward Teyber (1992)

How do I Tell the Kids (Create-a-Storybook Guide) by Rosalind Sedacca (2007)

How to Survive Your Parents’ Divorce: Kids’ Advice to Kids by Gayle Kimball (1994)

In the Best Interest of the Child: How to Protect Your Child From the Pain of Your Divorce by Stanton E. Samenow (2002)

Making Divorce Easier on Your Child: 50 Effective Ways to Help Children Adjust by Nicholas James Long (2002)

Parenting After Divorce: A Guide to Resolving Conflicts and Meeting Your Children’s Needs by Philip M. Stahl (2000)

Parents Are Forever: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Successful Coparents After Divorce by Shirley Thomas (2004)

Renegotiating Family Relationships: Divorce, Child Custody, and Mediation by Robert E. Emory (1994)

Second Chances: Men, Women, and Children A Decade After Divorce by Sandra Blakeslee (2004)

Single Moms Single Dads: Help and Hope for the One Parent Family by David Miller (1990)

The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: Letting Go of Conflict After A Difficult Divorce by Elizabeth S. Thayer and Jeffrey Zimmerman (2001)

The Divorced Dad’s Survival Book: How to Stay Connected With Your Kids by David Knox and Kermit Leggett (1998)

The Divorce Recovery Journal by Linda C. Senn and Mary Stuart (1999)

The Divorce Recovery Sourcebook by Dawn Bradley Berry (1998)

The Good Divorce: Keeping Your Family Together When Your Marriage Comes Apart by Constance Ahrons (1998)

The Truth About Children and Divorce: Dealing with the Emotions So You and Your Children Can Thrive by Robert E. Emery (2004)

Through the Eyes of Children: Healing Stories for Children of Divorce by Janet R. Johnston, Karen Breunig, Carla Garrity, and Mitchell Baris (1997)

We’re Still Family: What Grown Children Have to Say About Their Parents’ Divorce by Constance Ahrons (2004)

What About the Kids? by Judith S. Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee (2003)