Parenting FAQ

Children First – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know if my child(ren) is/are having difficulties?

  • Please review the developmental task stages and the cognitive and emotional stages. If your child is not at the appropriate stage for his/her age, this is one indication of difficulty.
  • Any significant changes in mood and/or behavior should be investigated.
  • Any changes in socialization patterns with peers should be investigated.

How is Parenting Strategies different from Parent Training?

Parent Training, like Parenting Strategies, helps parents create a better environment for their children. Parent Training teaches parents the behavioral techniques and parenting skills to use with their children. The main difference, however, is that Parenting Strategies is strictly for parents that do not live together, and incorporates issues unique to separation and divorce.

Is Parenting Strategies covered by insurance?

Yes, insurance covers outpatient mental health services.

How frequent are Parenting Strategies meetings?

They vary. Depending on the issues, the initial visits may be as frequent as two times a week. Once the preliminary issues are resolved, meetings could take place once a week, once a month, or even every other month. The number of visits depends on the particular needs of each family.

What are the goals of Parenting Strategies?

The goals of Parenting Strategies include:

  • providing an alternative method for parents to communicate about child-focused issues via a third-party professional
  • taking children out of the middle of parental conflict
  • fostering the development of creative problem solving to maintain the involvement of both parents in the children’s lives

I have some unanswered questions and would like to contact the Center of Psychological Effectiveness for Parenting Strategies services.

Please call us at 954-583-8831 and then press 1 for the new patient line. Your call will be returned promptly.