Memory Assessment Program

Memory Assessment Program – M.A.P.

100% Medicare Covered

Memory-Assessment-ProgramThe Center for Psychological Effectiveness’ introduction of the MAP is in response to both research and patient physician requests. Patients’ sixty-five (65) and over are concerned about maintaining their functioning and quality of life. During this stage of life, patients’ are particularly concerned about their cognitive functioning and memory. Patients view their memory as the “key to their independence”.

The Center’s viewpoint and philosophy is that patients sixty-five and older are in Chapter three of their lives. The mindset of Chapter three helps patients to view aging from a more positive anticipation for the future have better physical and mental health. Chapter three patients benefit greatly from cognitive-behavior therapy and clear information on their memory functions.

The Wechsler Memory Scale – Fourth Edition (WMS-IV) is well validated and updates prior psychological tests with a reduced administration time. Medicare covers 100% of the costs of this test. This test takes approximately 90 minutes and is well tolerated by patients. The WMS-IV is specifically designed to test memory and has a specific Older Adult Battery.

The WMS-IV reposts on the following:

  • Visual Memory Index
  • Visual Working Memory Index
  • Auditory Memory Index
  • Auditory Working Memory Index
  • Immediate Memory
  • Delayed Memory

Memory Assessment Program Director,
Veronica Ashwal, LMHC, MBA

veronica-ashwalVeronica is a licensed Mental Health Counselor who received prior training in neuropsychology. Veronica conducts both her testing assessments and therapy in both English and Spanish. She provides a warm, nurturing, non-threatening environment for geriatric patients.

Veronica is the Director of the Memory Assessment Program. Under the supervision of Dr. Marotta, Veronica administers the Wechsler-Memory Scale – Fourth Edition. The WMS-IV has a special older adult battery for ages 65-90. The WMS-IV is a well-researched and well standardized test. This is an improved version of prior memory assessment scales that reduced the administration time while maintaining highly valid test results. Both the patient and the referring physician, receive a test report that presents the results in easily understandable terms. Patients have reported appreciating having clear results which help them understand how their memory is functioning.

Research reports that concerns about memory are one of the top five concerns of all patients over the age of 65. Veronica welcomes the opportunity to work with your patients and provide helpful information to improve their quality of life with their memory and other issues.

Memory Assessment Program Coordinator,
Priscilla V. Marotta, Ph.D.

Priscilla_MarottaDr. Marotta has been providing services to Broward County and the Plantation community for over twenty (20) years. She is a nationally recognized cognitive-behavioral psychologist. Dr. Marotta’s doctoral training specialized in geriatrics. She had the privilege of working with Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Boston developing the protocol for the Geriatric Evaluation Unit (GEU). She is the former President of the Florida Psychological Association, Broward Chapter. Dr. Marotta has been quoted in USA TODAY, WASHINGTON POST, and was a columnist for the MIAMI-HERALD. She has been a featured guest on both radio and television.

Dr. Marotta places a high priority on assisting patients maintain their quality of life into 65 and beyond. As a recent speaker at the Nova University Life Long Learning Center, she introduced her concept that sixty-five (65) and beyond is the third Chapter of Life. Chapter one is ages birth to thirty, and Chapter two is 30 to 65. Chapter three of one’s life is a much better cognitive mindset than “geriatrics” or “elderly” or “old age”.

Dr. Marotta looks forward to introducing your patients to a supportive view of how to maximize CHAPTER THREE OF THEIR LIVES! We look forward to reducing the anxieties of this chapter and clarifying the status of their memory functioning. Of course, we are also available to assist your patients with many other issues of this stage of their lives.

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