Article- # 1 Way to a Healthy, Happy, Long Life

#1 Way to a Healthy, Happy, Long Life

“Many People will walk in and out of your life, but only

true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

  Did you know that there is one word that will add 15 years to your life?  The word is relationships.  Research has consistently found that the person with the closest circle of supportive friends will not only add years to your life, but increase your odds of beating cancer, staving off dementia, and improve your immune system.   In a study of 309,000 subjects people who were actively involved in a community with a variety of interactions doubled their chances of survival.  Our doctors should be asking us about our friendship networks!

  Nutrition and exercise are important but for the impact on our lives – relationships needs to be a focus and a high personal goal.  The statistics are concerning. There are 23% of Americans who say they have no one to speak to intimately.  In 1985, the statistic was 8%.  The United States social world is heading in the wrong direction.  On-line contact has consistently been noted in the literature as not an impactful social interaction.  If you do not have face-to-face contact within a year, the level of intimacy in a relationship decreases by 15%.  Work relationships do matter.  Work environments where workers took their breaks at the same time report higher productivity and happier workers.

Key points:

  1. Relationships = Health.  Three times as powerful an impact as exercise.
  2. Be part of a supportive face-to-face friendship network.
  3. Work relationships make a difference.
  4. Online relationships do not make an impact. Use technology to arrange face-to-face meetings.

Social skills are necessary skills of life.  Cognitive-behavior therapy gives you the strategies for successful relationships.  Contact the Center of Psychological Effectiveness and build and enhance your relationships!

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