Article – Increasing Life Quality

Increasing Life Quality

Life is not about survival.

Life is a serious of precious moments that each person needs to embrace. How often do you rush through the day in a whirlwind? How often do you have difficulty remembering a pleasant moment in your day? How often do you find yourself with no time for yourself? If the answer to any of the above questions is even one day, that is a wasted day.

Yes, you work to make a living. Yes, you have responsibilities to children, families, and friends. However, you also have a responsibility to yourself to monitor your quality of life. Quality of life is maintained by a conscious effort to create moments of pleasure and to place yourself first… even if only for thirty minutes. Each day should have moments of cherished pleasure.

Take a moment and add to the following list other ideas of life quality pleasure sources:

  1. Read a poem,
  2. Read a book,
  3. Open a window and closely look at nature outside,
  4. Stretch and feel the muscles in your body,
  5. Exercise for the pleasure of self-care,
  6. Call a friend and share a happy moment,
  7. Look through photographs and remember fun times,
  8. Hug a child, adult, or animal,
  9. Slowly inhale and exhale three times being aware of your breath, and
  10. Dance or sing to a song.

Challenge yourself to come up with more and more quality of life ideas and then… at least one every day!