Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
We are located within the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, specifically in Plantation, Florida on a bus stop within two miles of the Broward Mall. Click HERE to go to the map.

Address: 7390 NW 5th Street, Suite 5, Plantation, FL 33317. Feel free to call us for more specific directions at (954) 583-8831 or (800) 714-COPE (2673)

What is cognitive-behavior therapy?
Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) is a well researched therapeutic approach that teaches a person how certain thinking patterns impact your behaviors. CBT is an active therapy with significant interaction between the therapist and the patient. Our therapists will help you find solutions to issues related to; Anxiety, depression, fertility, stress management, relationships, trauma and adolescent counseling all within the Fort Lauderdale area. Our psychologists will develop and teach you new strategies to lifes many challenges. A specific treatment plan is developed by our counselors, and throughout therapy there is structure and extreme focus towards your treatment.

How long is a therapy session?
Our psychologists and counselors typically run forty-five minute sessions at a time. Our sessions are focused primarily on forming solutions to the challenges of an individuals life.

Do I lie on a couch?
During each one of an individuals session, our therapists will be seated across from our clients. You’ve got the option of being seated on a couch or chair facing each of our therapists and counselors.

Do we talk about the past at all?
During your first session, a concise clinical history is taken. This enables the therapist to have a strong data base of your background to assist you both in focusing on your current issues. This is apparent in most clinical psychology settings and will serve you well throughout your therapy.

Are sessions confidential?
Cognitive therapy is a confidential process within the Greater Fort Lauderdale area and legal requirements for the state of Florida. Information shared with managed care companies are also treated as confidential medical information by all our therapists and counselors.

Do I have access to my diagnosis and records?
Yes, each and every patient has full access to their medical records, which are kept on file. To inquire about access, please give our office in Plantation, Florida a call at (954) 583-8831.

How long is treatment?
Therapeutic treatment with our counselors and psychologists varies according to the needs of each individual. However, on the average, significant treatment gains are experienced by over 80% of Centers patients between 8 (eight) and 12 (twelve) sessions.

How often am I seen for therapy?
At the beginning of treatment, patients may be seen for two or three weeks in a row to establish the relationship and get started. Also, patients are seen every other week from the onset of therapy. The frequency of visits are mutually determined by the therapist and patient together.

If I have insurance, are therapy services covered?
Most insurance plans do cover medically necessary therapy services. The Center offers a FREE SERVICE to determine your insurance coverage. Over 80% of our patients, pay co-payments of $30.00 or less.

Does the Center accept credit cards?
Yes, the Center accepts MasterCard, Visa. And American Express.

Where can I get more information?
Please call us at 954-583-8831or click HERE to contact us