Children and Divorce

Children and Divorce – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There are several important reasons to handle divorce and other difficult family transitions as cooperatively, amicably, and practically as possible. But one reason surmounts all others: parental conflict injures children. During and after a divorce, parents tend to turn to their attorneys or the court with their issues regarding shared parenting responsibilities. Children and Divorce offers parents an alternative to hostile, adversarial contact and costly legal action.

Children First is not therapy.

  • It can be a pre-divorce process.
  • It can be a post-divorce process.

It is a process dedicated to resolving parenting issues, placing the best interests of children first and helping parents lessen the negative impact of divorce on their children. With Children and Divorce program, the coordinator does not take sides. The coordinator is an impartial professional trained to resolve child-focused issues between parents who do not live together.

The Children & Divorce Program was created with the wisdom that parents have the power to keep their children out of the middle of divorce. The Children and Divorce program is an opportunity for parents to resolve child-focused issues with a professional who has a comprehensive understanding of family and legal systems, is available to both parents, and is trained in dispute resolution. The ultimate beneficiaries are the children who stop suffering through parental battles, and become happier, healthier and focused on the future.

With the Children and Divorce program here at COPE, we can help you create a more humble surrounding for your children.

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