Power Up

Power Up:  Women Charging Up for a Fuller Life

Authors: Veronica Ruiz-Ashwal, LMHC, MBA, Elizabeth Lynne Hyatt, Priscilla V. Marotta, Ph.D.


Power Up offers women specific strategies to learn that power is not a dirty word, to diffuse the power drains that undermine success, while teaching them how to build their Positive Power skills.  Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller Lean In, Power Up delivers an interesting twist: a multi-generational take on women and power.

The three authors, two of whom are experienced therapists and business owners, write from the Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, and Millennial perspectives.

Together, they identify women’s many and varied misconceptions of power, reveal step-by-step techniques to reduce power-robbing messages learned as girls, and provide real-life profiles of women who went from “powerless” to promoted.  Discover the unique talents women possess that make them natural-born leaders.  Then master Power Up’s ten Positive Power Lessons to claim the life you love! Buy it on Amazon here!