Article – What Is Your Intention?

What Is Your Intention?

“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

Having an intention is the way to live mindfully and achieve our goals in life. Short term and long term goals. If we are clear about our intentions and we operate according to them, we can feel better, be more confident, less distress and accomplished.

  The world is very fast-paced these days, and we do not have much time to reflect, so we sometime go through life operating on automatic pilot and just reacting to unconscious drives or outside environment.  Living with an intension puts us in charge of our life. If we take the time to clarify our values, our feelings, and passions, and set our intentions, that is a step before we set practical goals that can take us to a journey of change that can lead to real happiness and fulfillment.

  For example, if my intention is be to be authentic and live in the moment, then the goal can be to meditate every day.

  Setting an intension is not only about big life changes, it is also about everyday functions like, ‘what is my intention for this meeting?’, ‘What is my intension for the evening?’ . It is also useful to check on our intentions in the middle of challenging situations.

 Write down your intention on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket, read it every morning when you get up, and plan how to practice it in your new day.

Before you go to bed look at it again, review the day and the way you practiced with openness and no judgment. Tell yourself what is the intention for the next day. When we practice every day for weeks or months it becomes part of our personality and if you have a set back a part of you will remind you of it so you can go back to practice your intention.

Intention creates a way of life; it requires a shift in mindset and commitment to action that is the way to live a full, rich, and meaningful life.

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