Article- Inner Self- Talk- One of the Best Tools for Life Success

Inner Self- Talk- One of the Best Tools for Life Success

By: Ziva Avramovich, LCSW, CIRT

“Take positive care of your mind, and it would surely take positive care of your life.” Edmond Mbiaka

 We all have conversations with ourselves in the privacy of our thoughts. These conversations create our reality. The way people conduct their inner monologues has an enormous effect on their success in life. This internal monologue can go in two ways:

1- It can be negative and damaging or,

2- Positive, uplifting, and proactive.

The good news is that we actually do have a lot of control over how we talk to ourselves, and it all starts with being aware of what we are telling ourselves.

Today, cognitive therapy focuses on the role of self -talk in correcting maladaptive behavior. The way you talk to yourself can change your life. Constructive self -talk is conducted in a positive and encouraging note, expressing confidence in the ability to succeed. Dysfunctional self- talk pushes you down, makes you second guess yourself in unproductive ways, and reflects your fears. This leaves you stuck in the same patterns of thinking and the old behavior.

In addition, our self -talk projects outwards, in the way that we conduct ourselves, such that others notice. People around you absorb the negative energy that is generated from negative, dysfunctional self -talk. When you practice positive, constructive self -talk, it creates positive energy, which people respond to in a positive way. So beware particularly of whatever you say repeatedly to yourself and if it is negative change it to something positive. For example, replace “I cannot deal with the stress in my new job” with ‘(your name), can do this! I have just the experience it takes to manage the stress in this new job”. (Yes, address yourself by your name and your chances of succeeding are higher!) Then repeat the new positive statement over and over until it becomes a habitual and automatic positive self -talk.

Constructive self -talk will:

-Help you change your behavior;

-Help regulate mood and reactions;

-Increase awareness;

-Increase self-esteem;

-Increase creativity;

-Improve interpersonal interactions.

Ziva Avramovich, LCSW

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