Article – The Price of Love

The Price of Love 

“Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you” – Walter Winchell

Love is the topic of many songs and novels.  Love calls to each person to add to their lives.  Love is often idealized and reality does not always enter into a person’s thoughts.  Love is a word with a broad meaning….parental love, friendship love, romantic love, pet love, love of the arts etc. Love is present in many areas of our lives. Psychological research over and over has proven that having a supportive network…..a loving network……is essential to a quality of life. Each of us needs to nurture the loves in our lives.

Yet, despite the books, and songs and advice of others; each person struggles with the realities of love.  Many times love is not kind.  Often, love means that you also experience the pain of loss. Love has many layers.  I often recommend to couples that love is a fragile flower that needs to carefully cultivated and nurtured.  Yes, you can water the flower too much……you can smother another individual with too much love.

Love tips:
  1. There is a price to love.  All types of love require work, effort, good listening skills, and the willingness to compromise.
  2. Love is different than lust.  Although you want the physical chemistry with romantic love, you need to have intellectual parity and shared values.
  3. Parental love is often the most challenging.  As your children strive to be their own person, the parenting process is often one sided and exhausting.
  4. Love gives motivation and passion to life.  Although one risks being hurt, the risk is worth the reward of meaningfulness.

Let’s do the work of love and celebrate its presence in our lives.  Love is the one emotion that is bottomless.  You can always love more, love another, and find a new passion in life.  Navigating the many layers of life is a challenge.  Center therapists are available to help you on your path.

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