Therapy for Relationships, Trauma, Anxiety, & Depression

Solutions Not Talk, LLC is an outpatient practice located in Davie, Florida (west of Fort Lauderdale) specializing in depression, trauma, relationship, and anxiety treatment. We are committed to empowering our patients with new life strategies. Our motto is “Solutions … Not Talk”™.

Solutions Not Talk is focused on assisting our patients in the Fort Lauderdale area to “cope with your life”. In addition, we are proud to operate as the referral center for therapists of A. Feiner Abraham & Associates. Please visit our offices located in Plantation, Fl., and experience the care of licensed and dedicated therapists.

Treatment through licensed therapists can be a catalyst for positive change in your life. Our lives become more and more complicated every day, requiring relief from the stresses of life. So often, we utilize the services of a financial planner when we are unsure of what to do. Let us show you how productive therapy can be and how it will begin to change your life today! Consider the services of a “life planner” who can help you reach new goals. Call us and begin treatment today! We look forward to meeting and working with you!

PATIENT FORMS: Please print out the following forms and complete prior to your first appointment.

Multidisciplinary Cognitive Behavior Therapists

Our multi-disciplinary treatment team in Plantation, Florida offers cost-effective, solution-focused services. Visit our Services Page to review all of our comprehensive services. CHANGE NEED NOT TAKE YEARS! Our center therapists are focused on cognitive-behavior, paying close attention to present issues and teaching new life strategies. We have found that most of our Florida patients and parents exhibit significant treatment gains in as little as eight to twelve visits!

Our services are affordable – Utilize our FREE SERVICES to review your insurance benefits and register for our FREE NEWSLETTER.

The artistic presentation of the waiting room reflects the dedication the Center of Psychological Effectiveness has to enhancing your life. The tropical theme denotes the 20-plus years the Center has been located in Plantation, Florida.

The Center provides cost-effective life tools to improve your quality of life. Insurance is accepted. FREE insurance benefit check prior to appointment. All therapists are fully licensed therapists and are also life coaches.

We look forward to you visiting our exceptional office. As you enter our hallway, you will be opening your life to positive change. The Center is a unique resource for “Solutions….Not Talk”. Find the tools to live a life you love.

Life’s daily problems need solutions that benefit from professional insight. We look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Utilize our FREE SERVICE to verify your insurance benefits and find out how affordable our services are. Center therapists are on over 35 managed care panels. A sliding scale fee is available for cash patients. GET A FREE CONSULTATION for more details. We’re Listed On The Fort Lauderdale Business List